Neocon’s Engineering Department prides itself on being creative.  Using in-house technologies such as 3D Cad, Rapid Prototyping, Tooling, CNC Machining and Environmental Testing our design concepts are proven out prior to hard tooling any project.

Benefiting from immediate feedback from our marketing and manufacturing departments, our designs can be altered in a very short timeframe.  The use of FEA provides further assurance our designs are sound. 

Neocon’s Design / Development process is driven by an APQP GATE review system.  This allows for effective and timely launches of new products.

Our engineers are responsible from Project Concept to Production drawing on resources from all departments including QA, Marketing and Production through to Customer Service and our Valued Customers.   Having this ownership provides for a more focused team approach resulting in the best product for our customers.

We are an extension of your Engineering Team!  With our full service approach we can:

o         Facilitate “cost and weight save”

o         Be part of your team for new model part launches where concepts, prototypes and/or designs are needed

o         Activate low volume and quick to market strategies with the following guidelines:

  • Thermoforming – 2500 units +/yr

  • Pressure Forming – 5000 units +/yr

  • Blow Molding – 10,000 units +/yr

  • Injection Molding – 20,000 units +/yr

o         Be a competitive RFQ service

  • Based on turn-key ability

  • Stable supply from financially capable company


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