Business with Neocon

Experienced sales representation is necessary for a company to grow and be successful. We have a skilled internal marketing and sales team as well as external representation that covers select areas of North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Our team is dedicated to enhancing the Neocon-customer business partnership, striving for excellence with everything they do.

They provide the multi-service resources locally, including new business development, account and program management, marketing and customer service. The highly qualified people that make up our team provide the critical connection between Neocon’s capabilities and the unique requirements of our OEM customers. They are liaisons with the highest quality manufacturers in the world.

Thanks to our accessibility around the world, doing business with Neocon is seamless. Contact one of our representation firms listed in the link on this page for automotive solutions, or feel free to contact Neocon directly for other custom product solutions.



OEM Client Coverage

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