Client Overview


We are very proud of our client relationships and continuously work toward improving product concepts, quality, pricing and overall customer satisfaction. We actively seek new business with our automotive customers, whether it's a vehicle team looking to refresh an existing model or pursuing that extra something to really spice up the launch of a new car, SUV or truck.

We have an interlocking arrangement with our OEM and Tier One clients, whether it’s for developing and delivering to a specific need or a new product initiative identified through Neocon’s R&D efforts. We make life simple. We are an extension of our clients infrastructure — a valuable resource.

And it’s not just the OEM automotive industry that we relish and are proud of. We develop and produce products that are as diverse as refrigerator door liners for American Mini Bar that end up in hotel rooms across North America or plastic components for sonobuoys that are used around the globe by the U.S. Navy.

OEM Clients

Neocon has developed and produced products for customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Our OEM customers are testimony to our creative engineering and marketing abilities and our uncompromising commitment to quality. Take a look at our list of satisfied customers, we think it says it all.

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