Cargo Management Systems

Today, trunks and third compartments are viewed as an extension of the vehicle interior, and vehicle owners want features that enhance their lives.

Today’s active lifestyles result in our automobiles transporting soccer balls, gym bags and grocery bags by the dozen. Our automobiles carry our families’ muddy shoes, coolers, lunch bags and other small items too numerous to list.

Cargo management focuses on the organization, protection and flexibility to divide space within the open cargo area of SUVs, vans and trucks as well as open trunk spaces in cars. Whether it’s above or below the cargo floor or underneath the seat, Neocon is the expert.

Neocon Cargo Management Systems are custom integrated for vehicles.

Consider the Neocon Cargo Management Advantage:

Utilizes the bulk of the cargo or trunk area without impeding other systems
Styled to match the interior with comparable look, feel and performance
Useable dividers fold away or store neatly when necessary
Features are versatile to accommodate many lifestyles (perks such as coolers, tool kits, flashlights, etc., are seen to have good value)
Highly engineered materials including non-slip mats or TPO material blends
Carpeted load-bearing composites as covers for beneath-the-floor systems
Sleek, smooth-functioning hardware


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