Custom Products

Custom designs can be produced in-house by our highly experienced engineering/design team, tailor-made for whatever the customer’s requirement may be.

Tools can be purchased through Neocon, or customers may already have their own designs or tools and can take advantage of our cost-effective production and assembly.

Whether it’s a complete assembly or a component, we’re well equipped. Our custom products are diverse and are made from various types of materials and processes. Examples of some custom molded products include flotation systems, sonobuoy components, appliance door liners and drawers, and ambulance interior components.

The AquaFloat, another example of our diversity, is used for aquaculture, marinas, commercial purposes, and resort and residential docking. Construction consists of a high-impact UV-stabilized ABS or polyethylene outer casing, which completely surrounds a rigid and extremely buoyant polystyrene core.
The Oil Yeller™ is an alarm system product that plays a significant role in early warning and containment of oil leaks from home heating systems. The system has an oil-resistant containment pan that sits under the oil tank, filter and line connections. If any component of the system develops a leak, a sensitive audible alarm will trigger as soon as a small amount of oil collects in the sump area of the pan. The oil-resistant containment pan that sits under the oil tank is manufactured by Neocon.


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