Floor Protection Systems

Complete protection of vehicle trunk or cargo areas is a highly desirable trait for consumers. Customers desire a custom cargo-area fit, a retaining lip for containing fluids, flexible and friction-enhanced materials that are easy to clean, access to cargo tie-downs, and finally, grains, textures and colours that enhance the vehicle environment.

For the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), it’s an opportunity to impact a new car model with a last-minute trim- level enhancement or refresh a model that has several years left in its product cycle. And all for a very affordable price.

Neocon offers its OEM customers many solutions, such as material selection and thickness, colour coordination and much more to ensure that protective trays or liners compliment the vehicle interior. The end user perceives increased value with a product that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. And, when it’s time to resell or trade-in, the carpeted floor looks like new.

New Development
Neocon’s recent R&D efforts have focused on increasing the functionality of our cargo management and interior convenience products to further accommodate the consumer’s lifestyle. People want products that are versatile and user-friendly. They like gizmos and gadgets that work well.

Our engineers have been working to develop new pop-up mechanisms that can be used to easily transform the organizer into a flat-load floor. The current focus has been on a manual flip-up, which would easily transform the system with very little effort and cost, and another has been an auto pop-up, which transforms the system with the push of a button.


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